Who we are

We are a group of Tech Entrepreneurs and IT Consultants that simply love building new products that creates great value for our customers. We take much pride in our work and want to work very closely with our clients to really undertand and learn about the business model and offerings to finally produce better products. We have resources in Sweden and in Bosnia that covers most aspects of product development, such as developers, testers, and DevOps all the way to UX/Designers, Marketers and Managers. By the way, start to ask why you want to build what you want to build, see this video if you have not already!

Solutionis was founded 2013 by Markus Koskinen as a platform to both consult and to try out a few startup ideas internally. www.nestidy.com is one great example! Since we have long experience from the startup-community and many entrepreneurial journeys behind us, we have an unfair advantage compared to ”normal” consultancy firms when it comes to building great things with limited resources. Our outsourcing offering is incomparable due to Swedish speaking CEO, skilled developers and Swedish pears to secure the delivery. If we develop something new (ourselves or together with an established team), especially in the beginning, we advocate to start small, validate the idea before creating the entire product. Much lower costs and much smarter.

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